Unser Savitron E-One - Mobilität für die Umwelt. Jetzt entdecken.

Secure your Savitron E-One now with high-quality lithium batteries, Keyless-Go, alarm system with remote control and much more!

Check the data sheet , here you will find all technical details, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You are welcome to take a test drive at one of our test locations . If you live too far away and hesitate to order blindly, here is some interesting information: Nobody has made use of their right of withdrawal since the company was founded in 2019, everyone was enthusiastic and extremely satisfied with the products. On the one hand, this is due to our high quality standards; on the other hand, we are always at your side during commissioning and afterwards if you need help.

So start your first tour with your Savitron E-One on a wonderful spring day, enjoy freedom and independence, discover the most beautiful places in your region in peace. Unpunctual, stuffy trains are a thing of the past, you can now travel CO2-neutrally for around 90 cents / 100km. Take an active part in shaping an ecological mobility transition, our planet, our environment and all of its inhabitants will thank you.

Many of our customers tell us how their second vehicle or the monthly public transport pass have become superfluous. Once you've tried this silent, emission-free mobility, you won't let go of it.